Workbench for MacOS 10.11

Looking for a version of the Workbench IDE that will work with MacOS 10.11. Updating OS is not an option as the computer is not supported under 10.12.

Placed here by recommendation of @BrandonSatrom

Thanks @Mohoganogan! @m_m do you have any thoughts on this?

v10.12 is the lowest we officially support and that’s likely to get bumped up to v10.13 when we release an updated installer.

only thing i can offer is to install VSCode and Particle Workbench separately:

  1. install VSCode:
  2. install the Particle Workbench extension:

…but please realize that if you hit issues we likely won’t be able to help since you’d be running an unsupported configuration.

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I will give it a try. Newer computer is not in the budget, or needs. Teacher laptop from school is locked down an no personal software is allowed.

Thank you

You might be better of if you installed ubuntu on that mac (if practical for you) and then you can install a supported Workbench build from

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Good idea but too much that I use on the apple side to give up.

Setting up a dual boot is pretty feasible. I’d recommend a boot manager like rEFInd:

I have done it before but for this one activity it is not worth messing with.

Thank you for all the advice.