Error in Loging in From WorkBench

Just wanted to give a heads up of an error I encountered that caused me some grief, maybe spare others the same.

For me, on a new MacBook Pro, installing Visual Studio Code first and then installing the Particle Workbench through the extension interface causes problems. I was NOT able to login to Particle, I got an error saying wrong CPU type.

I then uninstalled everything (including Visual Studio Code). Then, I downloaded the Workbench software directly from Particle’s website (which includes Visual Studio Code). I installed that way and, viola, login worked just fine.

When installing directly from Particle’s website it forces me to install Rosetta – which I assume has something to do with all this, perhaps it’s using an Intel based build process for transpiling.

I am on a MacBook Pro M1 running the latest OS X (Ventura 13.2)


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