Won't connect to internet - rapid green flashing

The Spark will not get to the cloud. I’ve never been able to get past the rapidly flashing green light. I’ve:

-checked settings (all of them)
-reflashed the firmware

Router make and model
-Apple router - Airport Extreme
–It is set to 802.11n, but Apple stuff should go handle b/g???

Network security (unsecured, WEP, WPA2, etc.)
WPA Personal/2

Environment (home, small office, enterprise, public network, etc.)

Network topology (number of routers and/or range extenders, estimated number of devices connected to network)

Less than 7

Internet Service Provider

Road Runner

Any network settings that might diverge from the norm

Not to my knowledge. I’ve turned everything off, including a password trying to connect. It will not happen.

I’m willing to try whatever, but at this point my only conclusion is the Spark or my router.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks Matt. Have you tried another access point, perhaps at a friend’s house?

Hi Zach,

I just tried a Linksys router wide open with 802.11g. I’m still stuck on green.




Hi @mbrutsche,

The first factory run of the firmware had some trouble getting on open or WEP encrypted networks, and the core can’t do 802.11n. Make sure your router is set to 802.11b/g, and try WPA2 ?

We also have a big troubleshooting guide here: https://community.spark.io/t/spark-core-troubleshooting-guide-spark-team/696 and here: http://docs.spark.io/#/connect/troubleshooting


I’ve achieved a small step of success. Using the Linksys router with 802.11b only and no password, I’ve been able to get the core to flash Cyan rapidly. I’m unable to claim the core though. The mobile app nor the website directly will allow it.

Any ideas?

Also, I thought I updated the firmware to the latest version. Shouldn’t that have fixed the problem?


Hi @mbrutsche,

Hmm. Rapid cyan and not breathing cyan can indicate a problem with the keys on your core. Can you private message me your core id? I can check the logs and see what error it’s getting when its trying to connect if it’s at rapid cyan.

I’m also wondering if we haven’t yet already, maybe it’s worth re-running the cc3000 patch programmer? https://github.com/spark/cc3000-patch-programmer

In case you do want to update the keys on your core:


I figure this is as good of a thread as any to post this…

So the Core that I’ve been doing most of my development with has developed an impassable issue: Flashing Green LED on 3 different networks that my other backup core connects to just fine. This one had previously also connected to them all as well, up til this morning.

I was doing some SPI stuff, building locally. Got it to compile, download over USB and was running SPI code. I had what looked like an issue with the SPI, but I just didn’t have a proper ground connection on my scope… in the process I found I had put SPI.begin(); first in my setup() loop… so I moved it to be the last thing in the SPI setup process. I reprogrammed, and it would never connect to the WLAN again, any of them.

I tried making it forget the WLAN settings with MODE button for 10 seconds, fast blue flash.

I tried reprogramming the lastest core-firmware.bin and also the last good core-firmware.bin spark_2

I tried a factory-reset.

I tried changing passwords on one of the networks.

I am still able to use SmartConfig to program the WLAN settings, but won’t connect thereafter.

I can access the Serial over USB WLAN settings programming, see my core ID and set the WLAN up just like my other core that connects, but this one does not.

I’ve tried removing it from the breadboard.

Nothing seems to work. I have a JTAG programmer, but I figured I shouldn’t need to use that since it’s reprogramming the core-firmware.bin seemingly ok over USB. You know, minus that one weird known error at the end “error during download get_status”.

Factory reset has gotten me out of a jam countless numbers of times now…

Has my Core gone to the big Cloud in the sky for its last time? :crying_cat_face:

@BDub Did you ever get a resolution to this? I seem to have the same issue.

Best wishes.


Yep, I followed this thread on how to reprogram my code from bare metal. In practice I didn’t need to re-flash the keys though, and it brought it back from the dead.

Since then I had one issue where the CC3000 just wouldn’t connect to my WiFi network, that just simply running the CC3000 patcher has brought it back. You might want to try that step first? You can patch your CC3000 and reflash your Core in DFU mode without the need for a STLINK V2 JTAG programmer.

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Thank you.

I think I have tried the DFU patch.

Best wishes.


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Just in case anyone has the same problem as I had. This resolved the problem. Thank you.

I’ll update my other thread with the same link.

Best wishes.


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