Windows environment

All my Arduino developments are done on a Windows machine, hence the following questions :

  1. Is there a way to connect the Core to the Wi-Fi network in that case (ie what the Spark Ap does under Android or iOS) ? Digging into the CC3000 documentation it looks that yes, but can you please confirm ?

  2. Can I download the compiled object code from the Windows machine to the Core through the local Wi-Fi link : ie a machine-to-machine connection that does not use the Spark Cloud ? I do understand that a cable connection is always possible.

Looking forward to your answers.

  1. Right now TI offers an iOS library and app, an Android library and app, and a Java applet for running on a PC.
    In our experience so far, the iOS app is most reliable and easiest to obtain—it’s in the iTunes store. The Android app also works, but it’s not available yet in the Google Play store—you have to download the package from TI and manually install the APK onto your phone. We have not yet had any luck getting the Java applet to work, but we haven’t done extensive testing. We’ve tried it on a Windows machine and a Mac.

  2. We’ll be releasing an open source version of the Spark Cloud designed for easy deployment on local machines. Over-the-air firmware updates probably won’t be possible with the local server, at least initially, but remember, it’s open source! With the community’s help, we’d love to make that possible!

Thank you for your explanations.
I would say that as far as I’m concerned this is mildly encouraging but if Windows is not on your priority list so be it.
It seems at least that since you have not yet exhausted all possibilities with the TI Java applet it cannot be entirely ruled out.

Actually, one of our beta testers just reported this morning that he “had no problem using the java app” on Windows with Chrome! :sunny: :sunglasses:

Bingo !
You’ve just pushed the needle from “somewhat interested” to “ready to order”.
Actually if the news had reached my part of the world (France) sooner the needle would have started at “eager beta tester”.
I’ll post my projects in the appropriate section of the forum and I’m now looking forward to the detailed documentation.

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Awesome @JMarc, glad to have you aboard! :smiley: