Will CLI be intregrated into Particle Dev at some point

I think it would be slick to have all the options of the CLI available to use in Particle Dev from the pull down menus.
Is this something that is crazy to do?

Are you suggesting adding shortcuts to common commands or complex menus with text inputs and stuff? You could create your own build keyboard shortcuts on a per-project basis using the build package.

Shortcuts, but I will ahve to look into the build package as well. Thanks

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Is there a way to flash a devide in DFU from Particle Dev? Today, I compile through the cloud in Particle Dev, but I have to keep a terminal window to flash my electron in DFU. I could do this from the build package? Even though the firmware name changes after each build?
I don’t want to flash through cloud, to save data.

You can install a package that adds a button that will pull up the CLI window where you can run the CLI commands from within Particle DEV.

I think the package you need to install is “Atom Terminal”

This green button will toggle the command prompt terminal window.

Looks like this:

I have to thank @ScruffR for this tip!

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True, I guess I was looking for more of the CLI options available in the pull down list, like
particle identify,
particle setup wifi,
particle device add,
particle device rename, and others.

Yes, thought we can do it all through the way you suggest as well :wink: