Particle CLI for Windows - Can't use arrow keys

Is there a way to use the arrow keys for windows when flashing? It asks for a device type (Photon / Electron) but the up/down arrow keys do not select the device.

The CLI runs as expected using particle help, particle list etc. It just isn’t recognizing the up/down keys.

Did you use the last CLI version? npm install -g particle-cli
If you type particle list ‘Enter’ and then arrow up the command appears again?
Using arrow keys is standard - how you connect your keyboard? via USB-Hub or directly?
What the device manager say?

FIXED: I did a complete removal of an old versions of node that was on my Windows machine and then used the Windows CLI Installer to reinstall. All works as expected now.

For Particle: (It might be good if Particle had some sort of check to see if an old version was running when the CLI Installer is running).

As to connecting to “keyboard” I use the direct connect keyboard (laptop)