Tool for linux users

So I gave up on trying to get Spark-CLI for linux (I didn’t try very hard, I’m not going to lie) and decided to write myself a little command line tool for flashing my Photon using the Javascript SDK myself.

It’s pretty basic right now, but it’s all I need. It takes login information, lets you select a device, and then choose a directory (it must be in the same directory as the script currently, though you could certainly change it.) It will flash all the files in that directory to the device selected.

That’s it! Maybe some others who are having trouble running the official CLI will find some use in this, I know I certainly am enjoying using Sublime text to write my code instead of the Particle Build app. (Which is not bad, but I sure miss auto-completion.)

Here it is:
Sparkticles on GitHub

As a Linux Mint 17.2 user, I did not find it too hard to get Particle-CLI.

I am able to run it perfectly.

I’ve never used sublime, but I am using Atom alongside Particle-CLI to create an experience similar to Particle Dev.

I wish that Particle would hurry up and release the Linux version of Particle Dev.