WiFi setup not working through smartphone

So I got the internet button kit (with photon) hoping to interest a family member in learning ifttt.com programming.

But - very disappointed in the the product.

It is impossible to get the smartphone app to connect to it.

I need that so it works in new WiFi setups, but my home network does not work (the app just times out) and I tried some other friends’ homes/networks too, no luck.,

I can use the USB install method, and install node.js and use the command-line interface.
But that is totally out of question for most people.

I feel suckered - the blurb for this product in particle.io says this works for the non-tech nerds, but it clearly is not so.

Are there any tips anyone can offer? I wish particle.io would update their pages - stop saying this is an easy to use product - mention that the app does not work most of the time, and the command line interface and installing node.js is required.

For now, this is just another door-stop… so sad.

What phone are you using? Also include OS, and version number, IE Samsung Galaxy s5 android 4.4 or whatever you’re running.

I’m using a LG Nexus phone with Android 7.0 - the latest version of Android.

The WiFi router has b/g/n and I made sure the phone connected to the g network too.

Looks like you’re not the only one having issues with Nougat, check here and chime in, someone may have an answer. Unfortunately Samsung hasn’t updated to 7.0 yet, so I can’t check.

I’ll also tag @harrisonhjones to see if he ever came up with a solution.

Thanks, will keep a lookout and try another phone when possible.

FWIW: This 7.0 Android phone of mine is able to setup Google Chromecast devices which probably need to do the same network switching necessary to discover and setup devices.

I would test another phone, preferably with 5.0 or lower, I had intermittent issues with 6.0. Chromecast goes through the same process but uses different software to do it, I would bet an iPhone would set up just fine.

Hey there,

Sorry you’re having issues with Android setup. We’re currently hiring for an in-house Android developer who will make improvements to the app a full time priority for Q1 2017. We acknowledge that the most recent version in the Android store has room for reliability improvements, so thanks for your patience in the meantime.

As an alternate path to getting your devices setup, we’ve created a CLI installer that makes installing the required local toolchain easier if you’re a Windows user, here.