WiFi Settings on P0

Is it possible to lower the TX level of WiFi transmissions on the P0 through user firmware? There was one thread on this forum that mentioned changing the nvram but did not expand on how to lower the transmission level.

Right now I am undergoing FCC certification with the P0 embedded in a PCB. I used a 1.3 dBi gain antenna just like the Photon has and was passing every test until the last few. The lab was testing the band edges for 802.11g on channel 11 with 6 mbps data rate and the emissions are above the allowable level. Looking at the FCC certification of the Photon it looks like the Photon was passing by less than a dB in this same test. I was able to lower the tx power through the software provided in the test documents and the signal was brought to an acceptable level. However, it seems I don’t have any control over the tx power in the user firmware.

The other option the tech brought up was to only allow 802.11b and disable 802.11g/n, is this option possible through user firmware as well?

Due to the timing of when the P2 was becoming available I was forced to design a PCB around some P0s that I already had in inventory. Currently I have a new version with the P2 being made but I need to have the boards with P0 manufactured to hold me over until the next designed is completed. I will be manufacturing 350 of these boards with the P0 so the solution must be able to be used at scale.

The reason we went with the P0 was for the ability of remote firmware updates. There are not any updates planned and the max lifetime updates would most likely be 1. So if worst comes to worst I might need to move forward with the project with the WiFi disabled.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I'm not sure about the nvram method. I suppose if you dug through the WICED code you could possibly build custom firmware for this but it would be a bear of a time. @rickkas7 do you know how to set power level with a custom nvram file?