Tx Power of Photon?


I am looking for the Tx Power of the Particle Photon Wifi chip. I could not find anything in the docs or in the forum, so I would be very grateful if you could help me :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hi @hl68fx

Like other similar WiFi devices, the transmit power is controlled by the WICED chip and software and is limited by FCC rules. In general WiFi TX power varies with conditions and distance to base station, the WiFi mode used, and the antenna so there is not one number for all circumstances. If the conditions change or the device or base station moves, the TX power is changed dynamically in all WiFi protocols.

The maximum power numbers for FCC testing in the intentional radiator band (2.4GHz) vary with WiFi mode and whether the on-board chip antenna or an external dipole antenna is used and are in the range of 18.63 to 22.13dBm. The FCC ID is 2AEMI-PHOTON if you want to look it up.

So what kind of number are you looking for?