Wireless power of photon?

Can the photon communicate with a WiFi device 50 meters away? Where can I get specs on the onboard WiFi chip to get dbm and dbi of the radio and antenna?


I’m building a system to time dogs in a 100 yard dash (new AKC dog sport called fastCAT (Coursing Ability Test). I have a photon based IR beam break timer that sends a message to an iPhone/iPad when the beam is broken. I was pretty certain if I put a WiFi controller at the 50 yard line and connected an 8 dBi antenna to the photon, I should be able to get the signal. The WiFi controller (Access Point) is the esp8266 with an esp-12e and only the 1.3 dbi on-board antenna. so far, it’s worked. Let me know if you think I’m fooling myself. I’m looking for a new, high-powered access point suitable for outdoors where there’s no AC power and no internet. If anyone knows of such a thing, please let me know.