WiFi scan failure


I saw in the release notes for 5.8.0, there may have been a fix for wifi scanning sometimes not returning results,

Specifically in #2752 there is a link to a Shortcut story mentioning wifi scan failure.
I cant view that of course but it may be related to my issue. Was that included in 5.8.0 or is it a related ongoing issue? I have my P2 on 5.8.0, but I still sometimes have issues that so far require a power cycle or multiple WiFi.scan() calls to have a chance at resolving.

I'm generally doing a wifi scan while connected to a device in provisioning mode through a controlr request. Sometimes when that fails by returning 0 networks, I'm still able to call a cloud function that scans for wifi networks with a callback. Though sometimes that fails too. This seems to happen more often while in the office where there are >25 SSIDs present but that may be unrelated.

If it fails after a BLE control request, it does so pretty quickly. Usually scanning blocks for about ~5 seconds, but if it returns 0 networks it will do so in ~200 ms.

0003494996 [wiring.ble] TRACE: Connected
0003495060 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Connected
0003495104 [app] INFO: BLE Event detected: ble_prov_mode_connected
0003503668 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Handshake done
0003503715 [app] INFO: BLE Event detected: ble_prov_mode_handshake_done
0003503819 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Received a request message; type: 20, ID: 35465
0003504043 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Enqueued a reply message for sending; ID: 35465
0003504225 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Received a request message; type: 506, ID: 35466
0003504418 [system.ctrl.ble] TRACE: Enqueued a reply message for sending; ID: 35466
^ The above scan from the control request only took ~200 ms to return 0 results ^
0003531920 [app] INFO: result_count=0 
^ The above scan from WiFi.scan() also returned 0 results ^
0003544895 [app] INFO: ssid= security=1 channel=48 rssi=-73
0003544899 [app] INFO: ssid=MFH security=3 channel=48 rssi=-73
0003544902 [app] INFO: ssid=InnoVets security=3 channel=48 rssi=-73
0003544906 [app] INFO: ssid=ECE Guest security=3 channel=48 rssi=-73
0003544911 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=48 rssi=-73
0003544914 [app] INFO: ssid=MassRobotics security=3 channel=120 rssi=-74
0003544918 [app] INFO: ssid=RasLabs-5G security=3 channel=153 rssi=-77
0003544921 [app] INFO: ssid=InnoVets security=3 channel=44 rssi=-79
0003544926 [app] INFO: ssid=MFH security=3 channel=44 rssi=-79
0003544930 [app] INFO: ssid=ECE Guest security=3 channel=44 rssi=-80
0003544933 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=44 rssi=-80
0003544937 [app] INFO: ssid= security=1 channel=44 rssi=-80
0003544941 [app] INFO: ssid=MassRobotics security=3 channel=64 rssi=-80
0003544945 [app] INFO: ssid= security=1 channel=44 rssi=-86
0003544948 [app] INFO: ssid=InnoVets security=3 channel=44 rssi=-86
0003544953 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=44 rssi=-87
0003544957 [app] INFO: ssid=MFH security=3 channel=44 rssi=-88
0003544960 [app] INFO: ssid=ECE Guest security=3 channel=44 rssi=-89
0003544964 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=44 rssi=-90
0003544968 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=36 rssi=-91
0003544971 [app] INFO: ssid=MFH security=3 channel=1 rssi=-92
0003544974 [app] INFO: ssid=ECE Guest security=3 channel=1 rssi=-93
0003544978 [app] INFO: ssid= security=3 channel=1 rssi=-93
0003544982 [app] INFO: ssid=RasLabs security=3 channel=5 rssi=-99
0003544986 [app] INFO: ssid=ECE Guest security=3 channel=6 rssi=-99
0003544989 [app] INFO: ssid=MFH security=3 channel=11 rssi=-110
0003544994 [app] INFO: result_count=26
^ Retrying with a WiFi.scan() took ~5 seconds and returned many results ^
0003545006 [app] INFO: LOOP TOOK A WHILE: top->top[4513] end->top[4513] 

Has anyone else had issues with scanning for wifi networks on P2?

Yes, that should be fixed in 5.8.0. It's believed to have been caused by Wi-Fi and BLE concurrency issues. The actual fix to the Realtek SDK was in 2752.

Ok, thanks. I'll try to enable more verbose Device OS debugging to see why I'm still seeing issues on 5.8.0.