WiFi connection issues

The following appears to be a WiFi signal strength issue but I cannot seem to get a handle on how to solve this. I have several photon devices operative and they are connected to WiFi continuously. Every so often an iOS app syphons of some data - the max is about 150 messages/day.

These units may work well for weeks but at some point, I will find one or two with its green status light blinking i.e., network lost. If I leave the device where it is, it will never reconnect. If I move the device a few feet, it might reconnect. What is disturbing to me is that some of these are fairly close to the WiFi router. Signal strength levels I am getting are between -80 to -60, a bit low perhaps but still ok.

To test if the device could reconnect “on its own” I had one on battery power, moved it way out of the WiFi range and brought it back in. It reconnected every darn time just fine. More over, to get it to disconnect I had to go much beyond some of the stationary devices that have this connection issue.

So I am reading over the WiFi commands and possibilities for doing a bit of my own connect/disconnect etc. But I don’t want to through code at an issue I don’t quite understand. So any ideas for testing strategies to figure out what is going on here? I am not too concerned about the WiFi range but more about the fact that no device ever reconnects.