Particle Device OS Updates Thread

Device OS 5.8.0 Release is available in the Web IDE, Particle CLI and Workbench for (Argon/Boron/B-SoM/B5-SoM/Tracker/Tracker-M/E-SoM-X/M-SoM/P2).

Released on March 15, 2024

Note: This is a Release and may be used for production.

This is a release on non-LTS feature development branch (5.x). To learn more about our new LTS release line, read our blog post.

You can view information about Device OS versions, upgrades and downgrades here.

Gen 3 256KB application binary support

Device OS v3.1.x and further releases bring support for 256KB application binaries to all Gen 3 platforms (at that time: Argon, Boron, B SoM, B5 SoM, Tracker). A few important aspects of this change:

  1. Compatibility with 128KB applications built with < Device OS 3.1 versions is maintained. Devices can still run them even if other parts have been upgraded to Device OS 3.1+.
  2. Upgrade process OTA (including product-based upgrades) is transparent.
  3. When upgrading locally (using DFU or Serial), make sure to update the bootloader first, as it has some logic managing compatibility between 128KB and 256KB application types. See this page on steps how to perform the update.
  4. If using standalone Particle CLI installation, make sure it's updated to >= 2.12.0 version, which includes support for 256KB applications.




  • [Cellular] Improve BG95 connection speed by only setting nwscanseq if needed #2735
  • Include IMEI in CTRL_REQUEST_CELLULAR_GET_ICCID control request #2730
  • Process system tasks while cloud handshake is in progress #2745


  • [wiring] Fix incorrect int to bool conversion in WiFi.clearCredentials() #2736
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix boot loop if system-part module info is corrupted #2739
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix OTA bounds check, add ota/min_max_app_size test #2742
  • Fix std::call_once re-entrancy problem #2743
  • Prevent OTA progress events from blocking system thread #2741
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix WiFi/BLE coexistence and WiFi/BLE stability issues #2747 #2752 #2755 #2754
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix USB re-enumeration issues #2744 #2752 #2754
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix incorrect timing of SPI TX-only transaction completion notification #2749 #2757
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix an issue with micros() and millis() occasionally jumping forward after ~37 hours #2750
  • [Cellular] [Quectel] Try to force open PPP channel, helps with warm boot PPP session resume in some cases #2752
  • [system] Fix sockfd matching in ACM connectivity manager causing a panic #2755
  • [Gen 4] [rtl872x] Fix UART initialization issue with non-32-byte-aligned buffers #2757

System Binaries (all devices)

Programming and Debugging

You can view specific programming and debugging notes for this version of firmware here.