Wifi Range between Two Chip Antenna Cores

Hi there,

What is the Range on the Chip Antenna Spark Cores please?
Distance in Feet or Metres.

I am looking at buying 2 x Chip Antenna Spark Cores,
Setting one up as a Transmitter and the second as the reciever.

  1. Chip on its own… how far can it be from a wifi network router?

  2. Two Chips communicating with each other directly - no other network around - what is Max Distance please?

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Hi Colin,
I don’t believe you can do that.

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Since ad-hoc isn’t an option you can always pickup a cheap Linksys WRT router and use that as an access point for both units.

To answer your first question, the chip antenna model has a range similar to a smartphone, so chances are if your iPhone has Wi-Fi connectivity, the Core will as well.

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