Chip Antenna Strength

I’m wondering if the chip antenna would be strong enough to connect to a home router through a hard plastic and rubberized encasement at a range of 30 feet or so. Any idea? And if not, any suggestions on u.Fl antenna that could do this with a relatively small form factor?

Hi @halfway_decent,

The chip antenna should have performance comparable to something like the iPhone, so I think that would probably work fine. There are lots of great u.fl antennas as well if you wanted to go that route, e.g. .

There was another great thread on this as well


Hi @Dave,

Just to be crystal clear. Chip antanna V external antenna, which one will give the best range?

I assume it is the external one, but assumptions can be dangerous.

As the spark core is offered in these two factors it would be useful to have some comparison data to help make the right decision. In some cases it will not be important, but in my case remote wifi access is quite, well, REMOTE :).


Hi @Julian,

Ahh, earlier you had said you were looking for 30 feet of range, if you’re actually very remote than an external u.fl antenna is probably the better option. Generally a wifi device can only get so “loud”, but external and more specifically directed antennas can help you achieve better sensitivity in a particular direction and thus achieve better range. (Anyone more familiar with this please feel free to correct me).

One example of a typical long-range directional antenna would be a “yagi” antenna. You’d want to make sure it worked in the correct frequency range (2.4 Ghz), here’s one:

In this case you must focus the antenna on the peer, it’s not as simple to use as an omnidirectional antenna. However if you’re going for really remote setups, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to setup a bridging access point separately, and have the core connect to that.

I’m a fan of the Open-Mesh guys here: if you’re looking to easily blanket an area with wifi, or spread out a signal without having to do much configuration.


Hi @Dave,

Thank you for your response. I like the idea of a wifi extender (thank you for your suggestion of open mesh) that way I can keep the core in a small and clean enclosure.


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Where you able to get a wifi extender to work with particle photon?