WiFi range without the antenna

Followed the Getting Started guides, everything went pretty well, except that my Core only connects to the internet when I’m within 10 feet of my router. Moving to 20 feet, unplugging, and replugging it back in, I get the infinite flashing green light. My Core has a chip antenna, and the wifi connection is recognized as very strong by iPhones and Computers at 50 feet, but the Core just won’t connect outside of 15.

  • Is this common/expected behavior?
  • Is there anything I can do to improve this?
  • If not, is it possible to return this one for a u.FL antenna compatible Core?

It sounds like you are using a mac. Perhaps give this a try to scan your wifi environment:

I never trust the signal monitor icons.

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Hello @efatsi I’ve been able to get more than 35 feet (direct line of sight) with a netgear WNR3500L router. The signal strength icons can be a little misleading. What router are you using?

@amanfredi signal looks solid using that tool

@mohit I’m using an Apple Airport Express Base Station. It’s only a few years old and we haven’t had any issues with any other device.

I’m prototyping at my office, but eventually want to install a project in my basement, and have it pick up a signal from the 2nd story (again, other devices have no trouble with this). Is that just completely unreasonable with the chip antenna?

@efatsi If the use case requires signals to pass though floors, I believe external antenna might be better suited. There are a lot of variables here, but I’ll see if I can replicate this test case and use an uFL Core to connect. I’ll ask @Steph to see if we are capable of replacing a Core in such conditions.

Thanks a lot @mohit! Had I known the limitations I definitely would have gone with the uFL option.

Actually, I just noticed what looks to be a uFL connector on my Core near pins D0 and D1. The kickstarter survey was a while ago, I must have chosen the uFL Core. So sorry for the slandering!


No worries! Its surprising that you got the Core to connect without an antenna at all!

May I change the title of this post (to “WiFi range without the antenna”) so it would not mislead anyone?

Just changed it myself. Ya it’s pretty neat now that I realize that I’m the idiot. I have to be within 10 feet of the Router to get a connection, but can then move out to 30-40 feet and it will work (until it stops working at some random point).

Thanks for the quick replies though! And great work on the Core!

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