Core with poor wifi connects every 7 minutes

I am pushing the boundaries of the wifi range, but for now it is unavoidable. For a while everything was working ok, but recently the units has been dropping connection. I moved a few things and it got better, but still disconnects, but then somehow it reconnects every 7 minutes, on the dot. Is there a reason for this? Can I get it to try more frequently than seven minutes? Just looking for some clarification. I am logging data on power usage, so in its current state it isn’t very useful.

What’s the core doing when it reconnects? Is it a red SOS then reset causing the reconnection or a cyan flash then reconnect?

Also what is your code doing? Is there connections at set time intervals?

Hi @officeboy

If you have a range problem that you cannot move things to fix, why not get a u.fl Core and high-gain external antenna that you can point at your router/access-point?

A good antenna can make up for a lot of range problems in stationary applications.

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You know I have walked by it and seen it blinking blue or green and figured that was the issue. But after watching it for a 7 min cycle, it just kept “breathing cyan” and then had a funny little pulse (like a skipped beat) and went back to breathing. I am disabling the local screen update, and re-flashing to see how stable it is. The project is if you care to review my code.