WiFi controlled air freshener

This is my My first project share , I`ve put my project og my blogspot link below , Which is not the site to do anything other than a quick blog , so if I want to publish any more project shares , need a better site.


Looks like a nice project! Have you considered hackster.io for your future projects yet? Sharing projects is kind of what they do, and there’s even an official Particle section :smile:
Looking forward to your next project already!

Yes , I`ve looked at other peoples projects on hackster.io , But never considered putting out my own “until now”.

I`ve now published it on hackster.io , I HOPE ? , I think i’ve got it right , but not that easy to work out how to publish your first project on the photon project page.

Hackster.io , Doesn`t make it easy for you , do they ?.
After a couple of days I got a needs more work , will it least that isn’t a no.

This is my Hackster.io link what I`ve done so for


It use like the site doesn’t like iframe links