Wi-fi packet sniffer

Hi guys,

I want to sniff all packets that goes through wi-fi, regardless of their nature. For instance, I want to know how many people are forgetting their wi-fi on while in a plane. How can I approach that?

I have found that somehow I may call wwd_wifi_enable_monitor_mode and set a callback routine, but I’m not sure how I can access directly this call from the application. In addition, this will prevent me for having other TCP connections during monitor mode, which is not ideal.

Another way I think is to somehow hook into the host_network_process_ethernet_data and just sniff all the incoming packets without hurting the network stack. This would be actually the ideal road to go.

Does anybody know how can I achieve this? It seems to me that I may need to rebuild the WICED (which I would prefer not to). What would be the consequences of doing that?



Also interested in doing this, is it possible to get the photon wifi in some sort of “promiscuous mode”?