Can I put the wifi into monitor mode?

I want to monitor cell phones wifi signals. I want to trigger events when my family cell phones are in range, or when a threshold for the number of cell phones nearby are reached.
One example of the result would be to trigger a ifttt action that would send a broadcast through my google home to welcome me home.
Another example would be to send me a notification if it detects the cell phone of annoying relative that is at my house so I can go home late.

How can I enable monitor mode and log the traffic?

@Nbrennan, you might want to look at I have one of their devices and continue to be amazed at its capabilities and potential. Yes, it does unofficially integrate with IFTTT, but I haven’t explored those capabilities.

Thanks. I have used their Android app for years, but the box would only work for devices that are connected to my network. I want to be able to see and log wifi requests from all cell phones nearby. Ones seeking networks, not just connected.
What you suggested would probably work for greeting me when I connect to home wifi, so I may get it for that part.

@Nbrennan, did you ever figure this out? I am looking to capture wi-fi probes as well and just getting started with my research.


It’s not possible to switch the Wi-Fi stack into promiscuous mode to monitor packets on the Photon/P1. For that you’re better off using a MCU that has direct access to the Wi-Fi hardware, like the ESP8266.

Thanks for the response, I’ll check it out.