Why does Spark mark posts "Solved" when they are not?


Why did you do that? I didn’t even reply, apply comments, test… anything, before you marked my post as “Solved”…

@robby, what post are you refering to :question: :question:

I see!

Maybe you try out the suggestions that were given previous to @harrisonhjones actions of dispute and come back to this thread after they have been proved not working :wink:
But if they should happen to work he might be exonerated :blush:, since it may well have been solved even before you knew it :smile:

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If I may say something in defence of @harrisonhjones; The question you’ve asked has been asked many times before, and I guess the people responding to the topic (the elites/employees) recognised it. Because the situation you described was so similar to previous questions, I guess it was sort-of solved before you even asked it. Having said that, please do post a reaction to that thread if it turns out that the steps provided are not an actual solution, in which case we’ll gladly help you examine it further. I can only guess that’s what @harrisonhjones meant when he said [quote=“harrisonhjones, post:5, topic:7963”]
but if you have any more comments @robby feel free to respond.

The fact that three elites responded so quickly with a similar diagnosis makes it likely that they’re somewhat correct. This probably sparked an enthousiastic response, after which it was quickly marked [solved]. There was no harm meant, just a lot of enthousiasm :smile:

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@robby, I do apolagize if I have offended you. I did not mean for my, to borrow from @Moors7, enthusiastic marking of your post to offend in any way. I tried to make it clear that if I was in error you simply had to respond in the thread. Topics marked as “solved” aren’t buried in a way in which additional comments would not make the topic visible. If you had come back and said “but wait! there’s still a problem” I would have seen the response, unmarked it, and it would still have risen to the top of the thread list. Let’s both try to calm down a bit and get this problem addressed. In the future, I think your issue (about the “solved”) would have been better addressed with a private message instead of dragging it out into the public forums.

I appreciate the support @Moors7 & @ScruffR.