Why does BUILD think two of my Cores are online when only one is and the other hasn't been online for days?

So I have four Cores.

They’ve been offline for days. I just plugged one into USB and it’s connected to WiFi.

But BUILD reports two of my cores are online! Any ideas?


Something is whacky… In DEV I am having the opposite problem… one reported online when two are working. Now none reported online…

Have you refreshed Build? It currently updates status only when the page is refreshed, so you might be out of sync. If you’re using the CLI, particle list should return an accurate state.

Thanks @Dick, but yes, it was the first thing I tried. There’s definitely a problem with the system.

System even tells me a core is currently connected and active which was “last seen” in August.

try particle list in the CLI and see if that more accurately reports the online status.

I’ve noticed your issue, I have to say. I always turn to the CLI as a more real-time indicator, with accuracy.

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Ok @daneboomer, always worth checkin’. Do you have the CLI set up, or are you also using dashboard.particle.io? I’d be curious if one of those has it right. Once I know a little more I’ll write up a github issue for the right repo, just looking to disambiguate a device service issue from a Build issue.

I don’t have CLI setup I’m afraid. I will give it a shot tomorrow. Got to watch The Great British Bake Off now. :slight_smile:

Just curious if anyone else ever reported problems with this? It’s been over a month since I last connected a Core to power, but on loading up Build in browser, it spuriously showed a Core is connected.

I’m using particle dev and the web ide and have a core showing as online that has not been powered up for maybe 6 months.
The two photons I have show correctly though.

EDIT: checked and added web ide