Core not shown as connected - but it is!

I have two cores signed onto my wifi network. I can download to either but on the Web IDE Cores Page only one has the little round green symbol that indicates “Core connected”.

Why is this? I am pretty sure I have claimed the Core and have given it a name of my choice.

Stupid question, but have you tried refreshing the page?

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Not a stupid question. On further examination it seems to be some combination of refresh and waiting long enough. Even though I downloaded to the core and then went back to the core status page it was still not showing green.

Anyway I have seen both green so I know that I have successfully and fully registered both cores. Minor issue - over.

My thanks.

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I believe the status is only checked upon loading the page. Doing stuff on the page doesn’t change anything. Regardless, I’m glad you’ve got it working. Should you run into other issues do let us know!