Connectivity issues today


Today I cannot connect to my on-line cores with iOS app it tells me check internet connectivity and I know it is good,nor can I work on Build from the web sire I get the following error.


You can look at for any issues.

Right now:

Devices not connecting Subscribe

Monitoring - Database is coming back. Devices have begun connecting. 
May 24, 02:29 CDT

Update - Our 3rd-party persistence layer is down. We have opened an urgent ticket. 
May 24, 02:12 CDT

Identified - Ops team is responding. 
May 24, 02:03 CDT

Sorry I also cannot communicate with my cores from my software. This has been working for months is the system down?

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  • Is your core breathing cyan?

  • Have you claimed the core yet?

  • Which software are you referring to? (Web IDE, Particle-CLI, Particle dev)

Have you had a look at the link @kennethlimcp has provided?

It does say there that there are some issues with the API, the device service and the build environment.

Update: Build environment just came back

Hi @kennethlimpc

I am remote from my cores i cant check them The Particle build seems to have come back now I will wait and see if the cores come back online. I dont think build relies on my cores being online?

So build does not require devices to be online since code compilation is not dependent on device’s connectivity but you should hit the verify button instead. The flash button will verify and send the code to your device but it will not work when the device is not online.

Let us know if you have more issues :smile:

OK all is back now I believe the system must have gone offline.

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