Cloud stability and Core / Photon differences

For one of my current projects, I have six Photons and two Cores deployed in the same location, on the same WiFi network, and running the same code. I’m wondering if anyone’s found any differences in their operation in similar settings. This thread seems to hint that I’m not alone - Long Term Photon Connection Stability

Earlier today, I found that all six Photons went offline simultaneously while the Cores were doing fine. The Photons came back within under half an hour, but the Cores never stopped as far as I can tell. Later today, the Dashboard told me that only the Photons are online, but the Cores are not. However, they’re still broadcasting to me without issues.

However, I’m unsure if the problem is connectivity or cloud. Are the clouds for the Photons and the Cores different ? How frequently are they doing down, and for how long ? Are there any statistics on this ? I’ve had several stability issues in the last several weeks. Published messages don’t go through, or do so with severe delay. The Dashboard doesn’t reflect the true status of the devices - the Particle app installed on two different Android devices give different online / offline configurations at the same time, both of which disagree with what the Dashboard in my browser tells me.

I’m running 0.4.5 on the Photons. Thanks.

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I know this is an old thread but I’m interested in any answers to this…

@daneboomer, this is a three year old thread! What exactly did you want answered?

@peekay123 - whether the Core/Photon platform is now stable for WiFi - looks like there were lots of reported problems 2014-2016, just hoping these are largely cleared up?

@daneboomer, a LOT has changed since then! The Core suffers from the on-then-off-again idiosyncrasies of the TI C3000 WiFi chip whereas the Photon does not. Are you looking to use Particle devices again?

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