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I moved to electrons because of dropped wifi while using Photon. I saw that eventually a problem was found and fixed with the TI WIFI IC firmware. I want to restart my Photon project. What do I do to get my old photons wifi problem fixed?

It’s not clear whether you’re talking about Photons or Cores. The Photon uses the Broadcom WiFi chip, and the Core use the TI one, so there couldn’t have been a problem with TI firmware on a Photon.

Thanks for quick response as I’m anxious to resume. I never had a core. I suppose I’m wrong about mfg. but I definitely remember the wifi problem. Particle put up a bounty for the person who could pin down the failure cause. I’ll look up the thread to see if can add some info. I need wifi that stays connected.
You are correct. Apparently I was/am confusing the core problem with my photon wifi Issues. With a simple straight forward app, can I count on my photon staying connected for weeks and weeks. Going through automatic reconnects if the wifi connection is lost.

Mine has been up and running for around a year at least :wink:

my photon has been running since i got it (bought on the introductory pre release sale)
has run almost flawlessly except for one faulty update. which took me a day to notice it had stopped, then a few hours getting it to redownload the update.
so roughly a year and a half.:grin:
love my photon…:heart_eyes: