White label mobile apps

I know the tinker app source code is made available on GitHub but has anybody stripped it back to just the basic function of setting a wifi network - i.e without the Tinker functionality.

Having something simple with a simple view (so it can be branded easy enough) would be all people would need to make an app for the gadget they are making.

The current app (atleast on iOS) requires podfiles to build and a lot of fuss which is beyond my expertise. Anybody think this would be useful? Or more importantly, anybody up for making a very basic app template?


Moving this to the Mobile category and ping @ido

There you go:

This is an open-source repo of a simple stripped app showing the usage of the device setup lib.
What more can you ask for? :smile:

Clone the repo, run “pod install”.
Done! start modifying and creating your Particle-powered app


Doesn’t work for me.

I have downloaded the files
cd into directory
sudo gem install cocoapods
pod setup
pod install
opened the workspace file

I am obviously missing a step somewhere.

What’s the error?

It has not been developed yet Android simple app to Set up the wifi credentials of a Photon, hasn’t it?

Why not? You have the Particle app on Google’s play store.

The example app in the Android setup lib repo does this, too. (It’s reaaaal ugly, but it gets the job done!)

I created BrandedAppWorks to provide a customized app that allows the end user to set up their particle based IoT device. In addition to complete redesign / rebranding, we can also customize set up instructions, device name / SSID and the like.

Don’t forget to mention “Particle Forum” for a discount.