Where's Particle's Guide "How to build a product"?


two or three years ago I read this long article on the Particle website.

It described the process of creating a product and bringing it to market.

It was available here

I really liked that guide, it was easy to understand and brought me into IOT.

But it is gone now.

Can I still find it somewhere?

i can not find it on github and the wayback machine only archived the into page

thank you

Sorry, much of the information was out-of-date, focusing primarily on the Photon/P1, so we removed the whole document. Some parts of it will come back once product support is available for mesh.

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Hi @rickkas7, do you happen to know the approximate time when product support for mesh devices will be enabled? I just tried to add an argon to a product and realized that it’s not enabled yet.

@rickkas7 I’d like to second that question - do you have any information on when products will be available for mesh devices?

I don’t have a date for product support for mesh devices in the console yet.