Where did the "How to build a product" guide go?

I found the step-by-step explanation valuable when thinking through the product creation process.


Did it just get moved or is it in fact gone?

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The product guide was a bit out of date. The most relevant information still exists in other categories now, mostly in Tutorials:


And Datasheets - Certification:


I am going to bump this up as this is a big issue we’re currently facing. This section documented a process where if we were making the particle hardware ourselves we had the option to flash our hardware (which is identical to the P1 modules) at the factory, generate the keys and have it added to the cloud for a once off $1 licensing fee. Can you please point me to this documentation?

The option of adding a non-Particle P0/P1 (USI WM-N-BM-09 or -11) as a Particle device is not generally available any more, however you should talk with your sales account executive about your specific use case and volume expected.

Awesome, thanks. That’s what I thought the case may be. what about if we needed the Argon in a form factor that’s not the feather size (i.e. using same components but a custom pcb) as we’re looking at around 5,000 units?

Hi Sean, I guess the response would be in the lines of this link: