Where to source budget inputs (switches etc)


I’m looking for switches and buttons on the cheaper end of the market - I’m NOT working in industry building something that needs to be exposed to the Sahara and work for 10,000 duty cycles. I’m just having fun.

So I wanted something in between the Chinese sellers on eBay with the 6 x toggle switches with missile flip cover for £1 and the RS/Farnell/Mouser/Rapid £15 for one switch offering.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Where do you guys get your switches/buttons?

I’m in the UK but I could order from Sparkfun.

Or is there a way of telling eBay sellers’ products apart in terms of quality?


I would buy where i see it to be honest. element14, farnell, rs-online, ebay, taobao etc :wink:

Ok…problem is eBay switches seem of very poor quality and the huge online electronics emporia seem to be crazy expensive. I wondered if there was a middle ground.

Take a look at maplin.co.uk and/or coolcomponents.co.uk. Maplin have stores around the UK so you could look before buying.

Found my ideal webshop. For those following in my footsteps in the UK, here it is:-
Proto Pic