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I hope this isn’t outside of the remit of this forum but I had a question relating to how I could create a project that looks vintage. I haven’t had any success really posting this question on the arduino forum so please bear in mind that the question itself may be difficult to answer. As in I am beginning to wonder if the components I am looking for are even available new anymore.

So I’m thinking of creating a wooden box housing for my project and producing engraved brass labels for my buttons and switches. All to attempt a 1920s/1930s look.

But I want to have incandescent (at least in appearence!) warning lamps, old fashioned switches and buttons like these:

Any ideas where to source? There are no ham markets near me so I am looking to buy new.

Many thanks!


Hi @daneboomer

Those panel mount lamp holders with lenses are still available, but are usually plastic these days. If you look through this Dialight catalog, you can get a part number to search for to buy it from a distributor like Mouser or Farnell.\Brochures_And_Catalogs\Indication\VER-5x0x.pdf

Here is another one you can research:

A lot of times you can replace the incandescent bulb with a LED too, but you might like the old fashioned bulbs driven by clicky relays as part of the ambiance of the project!


I guess it’s no problem to post that here, since inspiration for projects is always welcome, and most people appreciate it if you share yours.

Having said that, I’m not really sure how the Spark Core is related to this. Is there anything you’d like that box to do, or do you want it simply because of the looks?

Some additional information would be nice, since we can’t tell you where to source if we don’t know your whereabouts. Some steampunk fora might contain some useful info as well.

We’re a rather resourceful community, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to help you out if you’d give us some more details.

@bko, you’re way too fast ;p


It won’t be of much help, but here in Sweden at the country side they still use that kind of switches, if you like I can gobble up a couple at the local ‘Loppis’ for you!

I built a control panel for my brewery using what I would call vintage looking switches and LEDs - but not sure if they are vintage enough for you.

The switches and lamps were available on ebay. The switches are telemechanique, and the lamps are 22mm standard (lots on ebay.)

(I plan to rebuild this and replace most of it a spark core and a large touch panel, so compared to that, this feels vintage!)


Hi Marcus - that’s a nice offer - what kind of switch specifically did you have in mind? The bakelite type?

Hi Dane,

We have a lot of second handstores in Sweden, the Swedish’ recycle themselves silly. Old electric switches are available from a store that’s only open in the weekend, next Saturday I will go there and shoot some pictures for you, habe to go anyway.

And yes I thought about the bakelite switches. There might be some in that store.


Hi, I went today,

And the result was less than perfect, they did not have that much stuff, but is this something for you?

they ask 900 SEK ~ 100 EURO’s ~ $130 ?

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Thanks so much for your effort!

That looks like an interesting bit of equipment - is it a telephone switchboard?


I’m tempted to buy it as well, but I all ready have soo mutch stuff…
Just let me know if want it.
When I find more stuff, I go every week to a shop like this one,
Let me know!

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