Any recommendation for adding display and buttons to a project?

I’d like to add a small display and 3 buttons to a project I have running with a photon.

It could be a touch screen like this one. Or an OLED like this one plus a couple of buttons added (could not find a board with few buttons so I guess I’ll have to solder my own).

Any recommendations?
what are you guys using for displaying small amounts of data in your projects and letting the end user modify few settings?

thanks a bunch!

EDIT: thanks to the responses below I have found more info in the community:

I have Nextion, 4D Systems, and the Adafruit Color LCD displays with Resistive Touch panels and by far the 4D Systems display is the best combo of Harward and Software. The 4D Systems also offers Capacitive Touch versions with glass front panels.

Their VisiGene software makes programming a super nice LCD dashbord or multipage dashbaords really quick. It’s really helping me speed up the design time on front end. I like how you can just add as many buttons as you desire on the LCD so not external buttons are needed.

The Built in SD card is also a bonus.


this sounds great cool, thanks Ryan!


I used this, which is nearly identical to the Adafruit OLED linked above, but it’s half the price:

You can use the Adafruit_SSD1306 library with it fairly easily. It doesn’t have a reset pin but that shouldn’t be a problem.

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thanks @mstrat, I like keeping the costs down too :wink: