Where do i start spark core?Where is the tutorial?

How do i start play with spark core?
Thank you :))

Hi @pacozaa - we’ll have tutorials published when we deliver in october!

Is it easy to use? I have experience with Arduino before.

Yes, very much so - the Spark Core is fully compatible with Arduino code, so it should be very easy if you’ve worked with Arduino before. And the internet connectivity part is even easier!

ah that’s a point, how is the wifi implemented in arduino code - some sort of translation layer around the WiFI library (itself based on the Ethernet library) or the ArduinoCC3000 library or something?

Wi-Fi and TCP sockets are completely abstracted away. The Core, by default, connects to the internet and opens an encrypted socket to the Cloud. Then rather than doing socket programming, you can expose functions and variables to be accessed through the Spark API.

Alternately, you can do your own TCP socket programming using a TCP library (based on Arduino’s Ethernet library) to connect directly to other servers.

I hope you will make very good tutorial about your Spark API or something for advance work :))

@zach UDP I hope too?!

of course! will mimic the EthernetUDP library.