TCP Communication from the Core

In your home page it says that it will be possible to use sockets and communicate using TCP from the core directly.
I didn’t find any information on the documentation, everything seems to refer the the cloud API.
Which method will be used to communicate using sockets?
Can you provide a simple code example, like sending an email with the core or simply write some characters over a telnet connection?

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Hi @nicoruy - we haven’t yet documented the libraries in the Core firmware, but it will work much like Arduino’s EthernetClient library. We’ll be publishing documentation bit by bit as we approach delivery in September.

If i’ve already got code that I used with an arduino and ethernet shield (using all the standard libraries that came with the arduino IDE), could this work on the core? (e.g. a very simple web server)

With minor modifications to the class names, yes. Check out the documentation here: