Using like an Arduino

Can we use Spark Core like Arduino? I mean… without using the Spark Cloud and de Spark App, just connecting the Spark to my WiFi and using my own HTML??? This way doesn´t depend on Spark servers… Spark App compability, etc…

Is it possible?

Many thanks! :blush:

sparklingdevil, yes this is possible and can be specified in your code. In the near future you will be able to have you own local version of the Spark Cloud. :smile:

It would be like use an Arduino with a WiFi shield, woludn´t it?

Maaaaaaany thanks peekay123.! :wink:

  1. If you say programming without the Sparkulator (Web IDE), in short yes.

But we don’t have a software like what Arduino has for now. But you can build locally without relying on the Spark Web IDE

  1. If you are asking about Controlling the core directly from your own HTML, it’s also possible but you have to program the core to be a TCP.client or TCP.server depending on how you look at it. This way, you don’t need to go through the cloud.

But remember that the Spark Cloud is meant to handle that to make things easier! Going the route you want requires messing with the TCP, Server connection etc for now… (till the local cloud is released)


Yes kennethlimcp… both ways have their pros and their cons… It was just a doubt, because it´s a very similar device to an Arduino, but with the “plus” of the Cloud and many things.

Thank you everybody!