The connection to the Spark Cloud is required?

Hi people,

I am conducting a project where I need a device that looked like Arduino.

After some research I found the Spark Core, however I need to know if the connection to the Spark Cloud is required.

I need a WiFi connection to an AP, but I want to connect it to a my server instead of Spark Cloud.


Hi @nunoaomaia - you can definitely point it at your own server. We’re be releasing an open source version of the cloud shortly. You can also do your own socket programming over TCP and UDP.

Hi @Steph,

Thanks for the quick response!

Great news for me. :smile:

Any further news on this? I am having terrible problems holding onto the spark cloud for any reasonable time and it may pay me to have a local server provide my cloud.
I cannot get my program to run for any period of time as once the core drops off the spark cloud any programs stop working.

@Infinnissy, In the meantime, you could take a look at this example:

Any news about the open source version of the Spark Cloud?


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According to the :spark: team;