Where did my code go?

I have a Photon operating as a garage door controller, using the Particle Cloud and IFTTT. The code is working fine, though I want to make some minor modifications. I logged into the Web IDE as I always have, and my source code is no longer showing up. I MAY have a copy of it somewhere, but it may be very hard to locate (I know - shame on me for not maintaining a repository!).

It has been several months since I logged in, and I only have one login id. I’m very sure I did not delete the code (at least, not intentionally. Does anybody have any idea why this may have happened? I did go through my logs and indeed have not logged in with another used id, and in fact my avatar is what it should be.


As far as I’m aware, the web IDE doesn’t have an avatar, so if you’re comparing it with he forum: those are separate. Credentials aren’t shared between the web IDE and the forum, so it might be possible you’re still using a ‘wrong’ account there?

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You should create a support ticket with the email address you think your code should be in. Ideally, also a device ID for a device in your account.

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