Where are the .bin files saved for CLI flashing?

I’m trying to flash firmware to use a 3rd party sim with the electron but I can’t flash the provided .bin file without saving it to the correct directory and I have no idea where this is and I’ve looked for over and hour. Please, can someone help. Please.

You should open the CLI in the same directory as your .bin file. Likewise, the .bin will be saved in whichever directory you have the CLI opened in.

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I understand what you mean, but I need some clarification. As of right now, I can use the CLI commands in the command prompt but I have no idea where the CLI directory is. Is there a default install location?

You won’t actually need to know where CLI is installed (and we couldn’t tell since we neither know your OS nor the way how you installed CLI).

You just need to know in what directory you are when you execute CLI with the “command prompt”.

Assuming you’re on Windows (10), go to wherever the .bin file is, then click the following:

Or use the relevant CLI commands to navigate to the directory the .bin file is in.

So what would the command to change the directory be in the CLI? (particle %Desktop) ? I’ve looked through all the particle guides but I can’t seem to find it mentioned specifically.

Seeing as it’s nothing Particle-related, that’s not too surprising. It’s basically the way you navigated a computer before fancy UI. Have a look over here: http://www.digitalcitizen.life/command-prompt-how-use-basic-commands

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