Local firmware download using Particle Dev

Stupid question, but when using Particle Dev, where does it store the compiled firmware.bin file so it can be flashed via USB or Serial? I would have thought it would be in the project folder, but it isn’t there.


It will be there, but you may actually not be building the project you think you are :wink:

The project you are building is not necessarily the one you have been editing last but the one you opened via the “Open folder …” menu.

That theory is easily checked by adding a deliberate syntax error in your file and check whether you actually get the respective error message when building.

Thank you. That was it. The first tree entry on the left side was a folder called ‘lib’, and that is apparently what was being compiled. When I dragged my project up to the top of the tree, that corrected the problem and I get a file called electron_0.7.0_firmware…bin I don’t remember opening a project called ‘lib’, but may have done so without know it.

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