Unknown file showing up in Particle Dev

In my “home” folder for Particle sketches, I’m seeing .bin files apparently coming and going. The one sitting there now is “core_firmware_1445470542096.bin”. Do these get automatically installed or do I need to do something? I have been seeing some magenta light patterns, but I’m pretty green (no pun intended) at Particle. Thanks for your patience.

These .bin files are the product of your work :wink: - not to bin them, but to flash as binary file. :sunglasses:

Whenever you build with Dev, your code files get uploaded to the cloud where thy get compiled/linked and the resulting binary gets downloaded back into your project folder.
This way you could even flash your project via USB instead of OTA.

Thanks for the clarification!

Also, I’ve come to understand I need to do a “Save” prior to compiling. This was not obvious to me and I wondered why my new code wasn’t acting differently.

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