Particle Dev flashing issues

I’ve been doing all my development in the web and decided to move it local to Particle Dev.

I am getting all sorts of odd behavior when I try to flash. Watching the core (not photon) the led flashed correctly, but after it connects to the cloud, it’s clear it has the old firmware.

And every few times after it connects to the cloud I get a series or red blinks and then it restarts.

When I build my firmware, it shows up in the folder correctly named (core_firmware_xxxx). When I flash my core the file disappears.

If I put the core in dfu mode and try to flash with the firmware, I get:

Error writing firmware...Incorrect platform id (expected 0, parsed 58469), use --force to override

Putting the same code in Particle Build works just fine.

Okay after some more playing around, it appears that Particle Dev doesn’t save files before trying to compile code. So if I force a save all and then compile, it seems to work.

I am still getting the occasional red flashes.

Without knowing what blink pattern exactly and what your code looks like, we’d need a crystal ball to help :crystal_ball:

BTW: The need to save files before building is discussed in multiple threads about “Dev not building”