[SOLVED] Where to download the bootloader binaries or how to build them locally

Basically what the title says.

Where do we download bootloader binary files for the Electron?

How do we build the bootloader locally to be flashed using ST-Link Utility?

You can look on GitHub or here you’ll find a link too

I tried both of those. The guide just has a hard-coded link to a .bin file

Where are the .bin files for the bootloader located on the github site?

How can I compile the bootloader locally?

This confuses me, since you asked explicitly[quote=“jaza_tom, post:1, topic:32695”]
Where do we download bootloader binary files for the Electron?

And this is what you found there, or not?

Anyhow this is where you’ll find the sources

And here is the how-to build

Read all of that. Still can’t find the binaries.

I’ve literally read all of the guides and all of the readmes on github and the Particle website, and still can’t find the binaries.

That’s why I started this thread.

Can I just use the binary file in


after running

make all clean PLATFORM=electron -s

while navigated to


if I am building locally for firmware branch



If so, is 0x080000000 the right memory address to flash the bootloader to as per the (now dated) JTAG/SWD guide ?

As @ScruffR said, goto to this page:


The links are here as shown in this screen shot:

Each of the blue items, Photon, P1, and Electron are links to their respective bootloader binaries.

I think that is the essence of that

The absence of the term Electron in this exemplary statement shouldn’t worry you.

Okay, thanks for being patient with me. I didn’t notice that sentence the first time I read that readme. Looks like this answers the question of building the bootloader locally!

@bko Thanks, I did notice those links but I was wondering if there was a place on Github that has all of the historical bootloader binaries for the different platforms in one place. I was concerned that there have been updates to the bootloader recently, and that the JTAG/SWD guide is a bit old now that the latest stable release is up to 0.6.2:

Just realized why there is only one bootloader linked to for each platform… :flushed:

It’s because the later releases of the bootloader like the one referenced in the screenshot I just posted are embedded in the spark firmware binaries and automatically install on restart after a system firmware update/upgrade.

Sorry, sometimes I can’t see the forest from the trees. :cold_sweat:

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The link isn’t working sir ! :confused:

It’s some time since and the docs have evolved over time.
This might help

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