When will we get an Argon update?

Is there any word on when there will be a new update for the Argons? I am anxious to get the wifi not reconnecting problem fixed.

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I am experiencing the same. My Argon does this running Tinker as a gateway for 4 Xenons. Is the root cause known, or is more debug info needed?

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I am guessing this fix will do it: Putting back in box (update: took back out of box...)

The issues address in that particular pull request were to spearhead issues around IPv6 and general connectivity issues.

We believe there may be some other bugs that manifested themselves in rc27 that we are actively looking into. I believe we are anticipating upcoming releases soon to address these and further up the stability and reliability of the Argon and its wifi connectivity.

For those who are experiencing connectivity issues, I would recommend updating to rc27 at this time. Should anyone continue to experience issues while on rc27–go ahead and sit tight! We’re investigating and looking into addressing these issues as soon as possible!

Thanks. I do seem to experience multiple issues. Here my experience so far.

I have 1 Boron 1 Argon and 4 Xenons all running rc27 w. one xenon controlling our heat pump on a remote location (mission critical tests rock) :slight_smile:

1st week, 1 mesh with Argon gateway w. Tinker and all Xenons running their own things (1-2 Xenons rc26). The Argon dropped off within a couple of days pulsing normal online led - the xenons all rapid green. Only power cycling the Argon fixed it.

2nd week same setup (all rc27) and the next day Argon and Xenons where offline again, the Argon and the Xenons pulsing online pattern but were not online. only power cycling the Argon fixed it.

These two weeks the Boron on it’s own had multiple disconnects but kept itself online immediately.

This 3rd week with Boron as gateway set up yesterday, and already today they are all lost again. On camera I see they all blink rapid green reconnect pattern. The Argon pattern is difficult to make out on camera, but faster than online pulsing.

As I have had some of the modules parcticle.publish regularly, I notice that downstream is too easily lost and mostly upstream keeps running for a longer while.

At the same time/location I have an Electron working fine the whole time (as it has for years) reporting power outages, and other IoT device on the same Google wifi on a 4G router work fine as always.

So for me these modules are not ready for controlling anything yet (except maybe a Boron wo. mesh). So looking forward to an update, but rather a really good one later than a rushed one now.

That’s particularly interesting that the Boron was able to maintain an online status, but the Argon wasn’t.

Would you be able to share the device IDs of all of your devices with me? I’d like to peek into these more on our end to see if anything unusual is going on.

You are welcome to share them here or in private message with me!

I will PM device id’s.

Two days later the Boron came back on again on its own for hours, to drop off again later that day. Yesterday again it got itself online again, and some hours later dropped off. This morning it is online again, so I need to have it send the RSSI, though it is usually very good.

Also I have learned that NCP firmware needs to be updated on the Argon.

Looks like they fixed it.

I’m going to try some stuff. I always feel like our job as users, is to see if we can break it. Like bug finders.

I updated the Argon over the air to let it take over the mesh network form the Boron, but after decomissioning the Boron I can’t set up any of the Xenons or the Boron with the iOS App despite doing this exact thing just a few weeks ago.

Setup with the iOS app stops when it requires a new firmware update. The App appears to ask the [Xenon] to go into firmware update mode, and when it does that the App stops with an Error that the device closed the connection (Duh :slightly_smiling_face:).

So All my devices are now offline except the Argon. My Argon has been running well for almost 3 days, but without any mesh devices. So the point of this post seems to be improved, if you can get a device set up.

… ah, I see the Particle app was updated to 2.8.2 on Feb 15. So that is the problem. I tried updating to latest iOS 12.1.4 without improvement. I am on iPhone 7 plus. I wish I could load the previous version of the App now.

That’s odd behavior.I can’t imagine any breaking changes would have been introduced. @thrmttnw Could you provide debug logs for these? You can find debug logs by going to the “Your Devices” screen and checking in the upper right hand corner after backing out of the setup flow.

Furthermore, the OTA update process can be a bit clunky at times for the latest device version. I might recommend you download the latest v0.9.0 binaries and flash them over DFU mode via the CLI. That way, the mobile app won’t try to update when it sees them on the latest version.

I have sent the log file.

The thing is, that I was able to do the same thing a few weeks before replacing the Argon gateway network with the xenons with a new Boron based one. And a few weeks before that when setting up the new HW for the first time with the Argon as gateway.

As I recall, a firmware update where only requested when I originally set up the Argon based network for the first time early January, and not when I last changed to a Boron gateway [2] weeks later.

So apart from a new App version, I guess the firmware upgraded from is different.