Cannot update argon via cloud

Argon is connected to wifi and has a thread network. It has the latest software version 0.8.0-rc.27 and reacts to the RGB signal (the one that makes the LED rainbow colors).

I try to upload a blinky example via the web IDE. The led turns purple for ~2 minute, then turns off and after a couple a minutes it boots up again with the previous SW.

The event logs tells me:

spark/device/last_reset update_timeout titan_ranger 2/9/19 at 10:56:50
spark/flash/status failed titan_ranger 2/9/19 at 10:51:40 am
spark/flash/status started titan_ranger 2/9/19 at 10:49:54 am

Is it possible to provide help in solving this issue? If needed, I can flash custom SW to debug/log.

PS: uploading without using the cloud (via USB) works.
PS: I have the same issue for xenon updates

Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

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Hi festhead,

Would you be able to provide me the device IDs you are experiencing this issue with? Either in DMs or here is fine.

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You have received them in private message! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add another report of issues flashing through the cloud.
My Argon remains in a state of slow flashing turquoise and I can see it in my Android Particle app, but does not want to update through the cloud. It had been working for 2+ days, but has now ceased.
I’m using Particle Workbench through Visual Studio Code.

Hey Murc,

In your particular case, I would recommend removing power from your Argon for ~15 seconds and then attempting adding power to it again to see if this resolves your issue.

A known “NCP deadlock” issue has been identified in rc.27 that will cause an Argon to either enter an offline, “cyan breathing” state (or also a flashing green state permanently). It is my understanding this can persist through the RESET button/command, and can require a full power cycle to resolve.

This issue is resolved in rc.28, and this deadlock should no longer occur. But for this particular instance, if this is able to resolve your issue, then we can safely assume that rc.28 should resolve your issue.

Hey Murc,

An update! rc.28 (released instead as v0.9.0) is now available at

This should resolve the NCP deadlock issue you were experiencing.

Do let me know how it goes once you’re able to update.