What is the right particle for WIFI for production

My project needs Wifi and Bluetooth.
We are thinking of using Nordic NRF51, for Bluetooth and CPU. And for Wifi we are considering a Particle.io

When we go into production what is the part part to choose? We may need 10K of them.

Do I need to use X10 module? I did not expect $100 just for Wifi.

I want my final product very reliable, that works for most people, while keep the price point low.

Or do I need to choose TI, or Edison etc?


What kind of BT “protocol” will you need?
If it’s something simple like SPP only, you can get modules like the HC-06 for less than $2.00 from China.

If you want BLE a Particle companion produces the RedBear Duo which has both radios on-board and uses the Particle infrastructure.

BTW: Where does “I did not expect $100 just for Wifi.” come from? What device have you been looking at?

There’s no ‘X10’ module. You’re talking about the P0, where you get 10 pieces (x10) for $100, so that’s $10/each. Unless you like playing around with RF circuits and designing your own antennas, you might want to look into the P1, which had this integrated already. It’s also certified, which makes life a bit easier.
Alternatively, there’s the Duo that @ScruffR mentioned that had WiFi and Bluetooth standard. Might make things easier as well.

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I see, this makes more sense :+1:
If you actually looked at the P0 and the tray price.

But if you are planning on 10K+, you’d best get in contact with Particle direct and negotiate a bulk price.

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Hi @toashwin,

Definitely feel free to ping us at sales (at) particle.io, and we can help you with pricing / picking modules.