Argon a development board or production part

Particle refers to the Argon as a development board. Are they going to introduce a production version? We want WiFI and Bluetooth 5. Are there any alternatives? Argon is rather expensive compared to BLE/WiFi modules. Can @rickkas7 help?

The only production Wi-Fi module is the P1 (Gen 2) which does not have BLE.

The production Gen 3 module would have been the A Series SoM, which would have been similar to the B Series SoM (B402, B523) but with Wi-Fi and BLE. This is not currently being planned for manufacture any time in the near future.

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You could add a standalone BLE 4 module (SH-M08) to a Photon or P1 via UART (TX/RX) with a power control line? I have done that with Photon for BLE based WiFi setup. I think there is now a BLE 5 (HM-18) module as well. Unless you are planning to produce a large number of devices using cheap modules it is likely to be way cheaper and faster to market.


OK, thanks.

Will look into it.