A series still planned?

Hi Particle

I’ve been working on an IoT product for the last year+. It’s getting quite close to being a launchable product after a huge amount of work. I’m a big fan of Particle and I think the new modular Gen3 architecture is great. I was intending to use the new modular architecture that includes the B-series and I have designed circuit boards around that.

At some point in time Particle was planning to launch an A-series (similar to the argon) which was to be wifi and BLE as well as an X-series (similar to the xenon) which was BLE only. The X series seemed to disappear a while ago and I have noticed that the A-series has now also disappeared from the website, it was previously described as “specifications available soon”.

I understand the business and development logic behind these changes. However it would be great to hear an update about this product. This is my key question…

  • Is the A-series still planned?

I would obviously love to know exact dates for releases and be able to pre-order some parts but I thought Particle wouldn’t want to reveal that kind of information.

However, I think it is reasonable to ask whether these products are still planned. It would allow Particle’s customers to plan and make design decisions now. For example if the A Series is cancelled I will need to reconfigure some software to work with the B series.


This is the latest info on the A Som

@VolitionComponents I am interested in this as well and @TrikkStar has posted probably what is Particle’s latest position. What I understand is that an A Series SoM if it gets the go ahead will depend upon customer demand. The price difference between an A SoM and an Argon probably will not justify adding another SKU (streamlining is the reason the Device OS build for the ASoM has been pulled) unless there is significant commercial demand since greater volumes will keep the cost of the Argon down. I am 99% on WiFi and for now I am holding off buying a SoM Evaluation board until the future is a bit clearer. In the meantime, pushing ahead with developing WiFi products on Argon but really need WPA Enterprise to work before migrating from Photon.


Thanks for both of your comments. I will send some feedback to Particle begging for an A series.

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