Xenon System on a module (SoM) availability

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Hi there,

Is the mesh enabled B-series SoM [Boron equivalent] is available for purchase yet…? Also wondering if there is a Xenon SoM version available?



Hi Archr,

The B Series SoM is not available for purchase just yet. I can assure you it is actively being worked on.

In addition to the B Series (Boron equivalent), there is intent for both an A Series (Argon equivalent) and X Series (Xenon equivalent as well).

As he’s available, @will would be able to provide more insight on general timetable and availability into the A,B, and X Series.


Thanks for your response, @mstanley. Really excited about the SoC series. A timeline on their expected availability would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey folks. We’re not quite ready to share a public timeline around the SoMs yet, but will do so when we’re ready to start distributing engineering samples!


2 months later now, anything to share yet on this topic?


Any update on the X SOM?