What is the Photon SMD EN pad for?

Does anybody know what is the EN pad for?

In case it help, below is the Photon’s schematic with the TP:

To disable the 3V3 SMPS regulator…

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Thanks @kennethlimcp. So can the EN pad be used as a reset button?

Something like this:

Why don’t you just use the reset pin ?

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Of course!!!

Wow, this was a dumb question.

Thanks a lot @AndyW!

Controlling the EN pad is like cutting off power to the MCU and other devices using the 3V3 power line. Really depends on how you want to approach the problem :wink:

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If I’m trying to emulate the reset button on the Photon (so that I can put the device in “safe mode” for example), is it better to connect the external button to the RST pin or to the EN pad?

Between the reset pin and ground. That is exactly where the on-board reset button is.


Got it. Thanks @AndyW!